ELEV8 Billboard Truck

Benefits of Using ELEV8 Mobile Billboard:

  • Plan: Elev8 Digital Media is fully dedicated to the success of your advertising campaign. We take each and every one of the campaigns we run very seriously. Whether you are looking for only one day of mobile billboard advertising or an entire year of billboards on wheels, we can create routes that target your desired audience, and much more. The success of your campaign is of the utmost importance to us. After all, our reputation is dependent on the quality of the outcome for you.

  • Stand Out: All our mobile advertising fleet are made specifically to stand out in a crowd. Each unit’s framing is really solid and has a powerful, eye-catching look. The ad space is 6m by 3m. When one of the Elev8 Mobile Billboards is released to the streets, it demands attentions and always makes a HUGE impression. Isn’t that exactly what you want from an advertising campaign?

  • Target: Elev8 Mobile Billboards are a target-based outdoor advertising medium. We are able to go where your audience lives, shops, and works. You can also target the specific regions that are most applicable for your company. Whether you are interested in a nationwide campaign or only local need(LAGOS) mobile billboards, we can help you to plan a campaign that goes exactly where you want. Unlike traditional billboards, Elev8 Mobile Billboards elicit an immediate response from viewers, which translates to increased business and more customers for you.

  • Communicate: Communication with your target audience does not need to end with just the Mobile Billboards. We can assist you with the distribution of marketing material alongside your mobile advertising campaign, including Flyers, Samples, CDs, and much more. If you do not have marketing collateral currently on hand, we can connect you with a company who will produce them for you at discounted rates.
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